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Everything You Need to Know About Tummy Tuck

Are you a person who has failed to accomplish a flat stomach despite of regular sit-ups? Or do you appear to have to much flabby skin around your tummy, that makes you unattractive? If intense workouts and balanced diets have failed to vanish your abdomen’s excess skin, you need not worry any further and regain your self-confidence, since medical science has an excellent solution to this problem in the form of a procedure called “abdominoplasty”, also known as a “tummy tuck surgery”.

What is a Tummy Tuck?

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a reconstructive or invasive cosmetic surgery that makes your abdomen leaner and flatter. It tightens your split or loose muscles following pregnancy. It also removes fat and any excess and loose abdomen’s skin after a huge weight loss. Tummy tuck aids you in restoring separated or weak muscles caused by multiple pregnancies, aging, and hereditary factors. It plays a key role in alleviating pain, improving bladder functions, and eliminating infections and itchiness caused by additional skin. It makes drastic changes in the tone and shape of the abdomen, giving it a smoother and firmer appearance.
Tummy tuck is not an alternative for workouts or weight loss. Medical experts are of the view that an individual should go for tummy tuck only after exercise and healthy diet have brought his/her body in the right shape. Abdominoplasty is a major surgery, therefore, it is extremely important to take time in educating yourself about the procedure, analyzing your health carefully and then make a decision. At Dolls Plastic Surgery, which is located in Aventura, Florida, we have experienced surgeons who can guide you regarding this procedure.

How is Tummy Tuck Performed?

There are mainly two types of tummy tuck:
• Full Tummy Tuck – in which excess skin is removed and underlying muscles are tightened surrounding your whole abdominal area, along with the navel region.
• Mini Tummy Tuck – in which excess skin is removed below your navel and just your lower abdominal muscles are tightened. This procedure is appropriate for a patient whose body is in good shape; however, he/she has put on some weight under his bellybutton area.

During the standard tummy tuck procedure; you will be under general anesthesia to make you sleep while the operation is being carried out. Your surgeon will make the incisions;
• The first is near the pubic hairline, beginning from your hip-bone on one side and ends on the other hip-bone of your body.
• The second incision is around your navel. Your doctor separates the skin from the muscles of abdominal area and then he pulls together these muscles and stitch in the order to get a narrower waist and a flat abdomen. The skin flap that was separated is placed later over the fresh taut muscles and any additional skin is completely removed. Your doctor then repositions the navel and the incisions are properly closed. A sterilized dressing covers the treated area with dressing.
It takes around two to five hours to complete the tummy tuck operation. The primary goal of the surgeon and medical staff is to aid you in achieving the outstanding results while making you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for a Tummy Tuck?

Tummy tuck is not suitable for everyone. Following are a few points that highlight who should go for a tummy tuck:
• Pregnancy, any previous surgery, heredity, weight fluctuations, and aging; any of these factors have left your abdomen with excess skin or have weakened your abdominal muscles.
• You do not have the habit of smoking. The healing process in smokers is quite slow and they are exposed to a high risk of severe complexities during as well as after the procedure. If you smoke, quitting smoking is recommended at least 6 weeks prior to the treatment.
• You have a stable weight. The best candidates are the ones who are slim, have loose skin and excess fat in their lower tummy. This surgery is inappropriate for Individuals who are obese in general.
• You are healthy and physically fit. You should have a fine physical tone to go through and tolerate the surgery.
• You are not planning to have children in future. This is because the repaired muscles during tummy tuck may divide again in future pregnancy.
• Any external or internal scars from prior surgery may also affect your candidacy.
• You are not suffering from any serious medical illness.
• You are not taking blood thinning medications.

Good health, positive thinking, positive attitude, and reasonable expectations; if you have all these elements, you are certainly an ideal candidate for tummy tuck. So what are you waiting for? Come to Dolls Plastic Surgery, which located in Aventura, Florida and get rid of loose abdomen skin.

Recovery Time and Aftercare Tips

It may take you around six months or may be more to recover fully from the tummy tuck operation. The patients who opt for traditional tummy tuck have the longest recovery time unlike patients who go for a mini-tummy tuck, or those who combine other surgical treatment with a tummy tuck. In the first few days, your top concern should be taking measures to manage pain and avoid complications. Few weeks later, you must regain mobility and strength and return to normal routine life gradually.
Following are some important aftercare tips that you should follow to take less recovery time and become healthy sooner:
• Taking rest is vital during the initial days after surgery. Avoid taking aspirin or other anti-inflammatory medicines. Alcohol intake and smoking should also be strictly avoided to prevent bleeding and coughing.
• Do not do any intense workouts or heavy lifting for a period of six weeks. Arrange for someone to help you get around the house and help with your medication for at least the first two days after surgery.
• Following your doctor’s instructions is also important. Take medication on time to manage any pain and discomfort.
• Visit your doctor immediately if you find heavy swelling, increased redness, pain, bleeding or draining in the operated region. Likewise, if you suffer from fever, nausea, dizziness or vomiting, go for instant checkup. Other aftereffects include chest pains, difficulty in breathing and abnormal heartbeat.
• Wear compression garments as suggested by your doctor to reduce the probability of flabby or loose skin after tummy tuck.

When to Go Back To Work After Tummy Tuck? When Can You Fly?

After tummy tuck you should at least take off for two weeks from work especially if your job involves strenuous activities. Similarly, you should avoid airplane travel for a month after tummy tuck as it is a significant surgery and takes time to heal. Prolonged flights may develop blood clots in your legs.
How Much Is A Tummy Tuck?
The average cost of a tummy tuck operation may vary according to the experience of the surgeon. Besides the expenses of the surgery, there are several other costs as well, such as, the surgeon’s fee, post-surgery accessories, medicines prescribed by the surgeon, anesthesia and medical tests. However, the price offered by Dolls Plastic Surgery that is located in Aventura, Florida is $5500.

Can I Finance Tummy Tuck?

Yes, you can easily finance tummy tuck surgery. There are various payment plans and financing options for this cosmetic surgery. For example, you can establish a credit, after applying online and then use the funds for the surgery.

Result For Tummy Tuck Permanent?

Usually, the results of tummy tuck surgery are permanent; but these results also depend on personal choices made after surgery.
As soon as the surgery is completed, you will feel that your stomach muscles are tighter and the skin will be smoother. With time, the skin does stretch again, specifically when you sit. In addition, if you gain weight after the surgery, then this can also have an effect on your positive results obtained from the operation. Thus, it is up to you how you take care of yourself after the surgery. You can easily maintain the results and improve your abdominal appearance with exercise and proper diet. These actions play an important role in providing you long lasting results.

Can I Combine Tummy Tuck With Another Procedure?

The concept of performing multiple surgeries at once is not new. With the continuous development in technology, several surgical procedures can be performed effectively and easily at once. One of the popular surgeries that can be done along with tummy tuck is liposuction.
Liposuction helps in cutting of stubborn bulges of unwelcome fat that don’t respond to exercise and diet. Liposuction can be done in different areas of the body, including the abdomen, neck, cheeks, chin, upper arms, knees, thighs, buttocks and hips.
There are a number of advantages of combining tummy tuck with liposuction, such as, when these two procedures are done simultaneously, the patient will see superior results. This is because tummy tuck removes excess tissues, skin and tightens your tummy, while liposuction contours your body. Thus, both the procedures have different objectives but they complement each other.
Besides, the recovery period decreases when both the procedures are done at the same time and it also becomes cost effective for the patient.

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